1. If Vesse or Vesse warehouse are marked as the location of the goods, the ordered goods shall be delivered to the address indicated by the consumer by means of the selected transportation service “Omniva” 2-5 working days.
    If the term of delivery of the goods is specified as “Delivered in 2d”, “Delivered in 2days”, “By-order basis”, etc., the goods shall be delivered to the consumer from a foreign warehouse. After the invoice has been paid, and the money has arrived in the bank account of Fonolukk OÜ, the goods shall be delivered to the consumer. If the payment of invoice or arrival of money takes place at the weekend or after 12:00 on a working day, the fulfillment of the order starts on the next working day.
  2. The term of delivery of the goods to special areas, such as islands and distant counties, can reach up to three working days.
  3. The note “Delivered in 2days” means that the goods will arrive at the sales office of Fonolukk within 2-5 working days after the order has been placed. If the consumer wants to pick up the goods from the office of Omniva, 1-2 working days will add to the term of the fulfillment of the order.
  4. . If you see the note “By-order basis”, please turn to the merchant by e-mail info@fonolukk.eu, by phone +372 6611774 or in Facebook to receive additional information.
  5. When entering the point of destination for delivery, consumer have to check it carefully and make sure that he/she has submitted all of the required data correctly. The merchant uses the information provided by the consumer as the basis when fulfilling the order and delivering the goods. Fonolukk and the courier company will not be held liable for delays in delivery and any misunderstandings if a delay or a misunderstanding have been caused by the inaccuracy of the data submitted by the consumer when placing the order.


  1. All of the prices listed in the online store are in euros and include VAT.
  2. Prices for the products do not include the cost of transportation service.
  3. The cost of transportation service depends on the address of the point of destination selected by the consumer, the method of delivery (Courier service, consumer pickup), and on the amount of goods.
  4. The consumer can see the final price of the transportation service after selecting the amount of goods, the address of the point of destination, and the method of delivery.
  5.  The service provider has the right to change prices listed in the online store from time to time. If prices have been changed in the online store after the consumer placed the order and paid for it, the consumer must deliver relevant products to the user at the price that was valid at the moment of placing the order or give the user a chance to withdraw from the order. The consumer is not entitled to claim for the compensation of price difference.